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Pest Control Statham Ga

Termite Swarmers

A & E Pest Control offers professionalism, with a touch of Southern Hospitality. Here at A & E Pest Control you can expect to be treated like a person and not an account number. We use the best and safest product, after thorough research and training. Our commitment to our customers has created a great big family of friends for us here at A & E Pest Control.  This really shows, since we now service the homes and or businesses of the children and grandchildren of some of our older customers.

Our pest control services in the Statham area are cost effective and reliable, and can keep your home or business free of pests for the long term.  We use safer and effective products, which are labeled for use on and in the areas of your home where you are having a pest problem.

 A & E Pest Control has always been a company that takes our environment seriously. We will work with you, the customer, to get your pest problem under control. This might mean trimming your hedges, cleaning out your gutters and other areas that might be enticing pests into your home or business.  We inspect and monitor your home or business, so that the appropriate pesticides and mechanical pest control items,are delivered right to the areas needed. 

We kill and control the bugs and pests that can invade your home:

  • Ants: including Fire Ants, Argentine Ants, Odorous House Ants, and many others
  • Rodents: including Mice, Norway Rats and Roof Rats
  • Cockroaches: including German Roaches, American Roaches, Smoky Brown Roaches and many others
  • Spiders: Black Widow Spiders, Wolf spiders and many more
  • Stinging Insects: Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets and others
  • Termites
  • Other Pests: Silverfish, Millipedes, Scorpions and many more

A & E Pest Control is local to Statham, and can provide your home with pest control and or termite control for your home. Keeping your home free of bugs and pests is a necessity these days, and it is recommended that most homes in Georgia have pest control services.  Our customers generally see good results immediately! We also serve local businesses and commercial properties of all kinds and offer other pest control services.

Call us for a free quote at:  770-725-4454